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Moving Away From The x86

The world seems to be slowly distancing itself from The x86 in favor of less insane architectures like ARM and, in some cases, even RISC-V. Naturally, as someone who has experienced what systems programming on The x86 is like themself lately, i welcome this shift with open arms (believe me, you really do not want to bootstrap an Intel processor). However, this does not mean we aren’t going to run into major issues. TL;DR: It would be super cool to have an ARM daughter board that pops into one of your x86 tower’s PCIe slots, and use kernel magic to connect the two for native binary compatibility with multiple architectures.


UwUI: Making the Most out of CLI and GUI

The most common implementations of human-machine interaction are the CLI and GUI–two concepts with mutually exclusive core beliefs, having caused countless heated discussions over which one of them being superior. While the former focuses on brevity and efficiency, the latter excels at guiding (especially, but not only) unexperienced users by being more expressive than raw text. But is that everything there is to this story? Obviously not, otherwise this would be the end of the article.


hello, world

If you can read this, i am able to deploy a webbed site.